Jury.Online has been listed on CrowdHolding


CrowdHolding is a decentralized innovative open platform enabling anyone to earn cryptocurrency, and entrepreneurs to get insights from key stakeholders, employees and consumers. CrowdHolding is favoured among the crypto community having mentions in CCN, CryptoStreet.com, NewsBTC, BanklessTimes, BitcoinExchange Guide, CoinSpeaker, CoinTelegraph and CryptoCoin News.

In order to improve our platform we need feedback from as many consumers as possible. CrowdHolding works directly with stakeholders, users and experts. With CH platform’s features it is easier to engage with the community and receive insights regarding the services we provide. Also, the users may vote for projects that seem the most interesting to them.

One of the most advantageous features within the CH innovative platform is the ability to create tasks for the community. For instance, to ask the audience whether they have alternative ideas regarding the project or implementation of any additional features that would be beneficial for both investors and ICOs. Upon completion of the task, the audience is meant to be provided with the auto-reward — Jury.Online tokens (JOT). By the way, our first task is already available via this link: https://www.crowdholding.com/project/294/task/660/introducing-juryonline-the-place-for-responsible-ico 


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