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general inquiries


How can ICOs become more attractive for Investors?

Investors want to be sure in safety of their funds which can be guaranteed with the digital escrow.  So ICOs placed on Jury.Online platform may attract more investments.

How can the interests of Investors be protected?

Jury.Online platform was created in order to shape a space for secure ICO by using a creative combination of the most advanced means of scam controlling as smart contracts and mediation. Smart contract won’t allow the project to receive funds until it fulfills its obligations. 

Who are the Jury.Online mediators?

Mediators are public people, experts in various fields, including law, fintech, IT, etc. In case of dissatisfaction of the results of the deal by any party, its terms can be reviewed by a panel of highly qualified mediators.  All eligible mediators of Jury.Online are compliant with KYC/AML requirements.

How does it work on the technical side?

The protocol is built on Ethereum blockchain and can be applied to any other service  for any kind of deals on blockchain with ability for dispute resolution.

How else can Jury.Online be useful for the projects?

Our project had finished it’s own ICO, so we have an experience and know all the nuances. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. We can also provide such services as:  -Social Media Marketing (SMM)  -Crowd marketing (hidden marketing)  -Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  -Influencer marketing -ICO listings and ratings