In this article we will observe several rules that any ICO should take in account when creating a project.


Regular rules


  1. To start a project there must be at least 1 round, 1 cycle, 2 milestones.
  2. Information about the company should be filled in before creating a round.
  3. Token buyer cannot send an offer to a project until at least one cycle and two milestones are published and sealed.
  4. A project and decide which mediators will be enlisted to the mediator pool.
  5. An mediator cannot be affiliated with the project he or she is supervising in any way. 
  6. If token buyer wants to refund his funds during the running round he or she will get his funds after deducting the comission.





  1.  Every stage (pre-ico,private sale, ICO) of project have linked cluster smart contracts. These clusters are independent from each other.
  2. The first round cannot start before the start of the 1st milestone.
  3. If a project have chosen to give bonuses to token buyers (for example, 10%) the project should know that these bonuses will be sent to token buyers from the amount  the project had entered in the “Amount token release” tab. So If the project's token costs 1 ETH and the project wants to gain 100000 ETH with investors’ 10% bonus the project should set 110000 tokens.
  4. Bonuses can have a progressive scale.
  5. All offers sent to a project can be accepted or rejected only after the finish of the round.




  1. If it is supposed to be more than one cycle, than the first one cannot obtain more than 25% of the ETH amount gained during the round.
  2. If you are planning to have a linear roadmap then you should create one cycle and set 100%.
  3. The cycle starts simultaneously with the first milestone.
  4. There cannot be a gap longer then 1 month between the end of the last milestone in the previous and the start of the next one.




  1. The minimum gap between milestones shall be at least 3 days, the maximum - 2 weeks.
  2. Investor can start a dispute within this 3 days gap.
  3. The first milestone cannot use more than 25% of the ETH amount gained for this cycle.
  4. A milestone must be at least 1 week long.




  1. Token buyer can start a dispute within the 3 days gap between milestones.
  2. If token buyer opens the dispute the ICO project team does not get his investment until the dispute ends (if token buyer loses the dispute) or token buyer gets a refund (if investor wins the dispute).
  3. Lounge appeal works the same way as dispute does and can also postpone transactions.
  4. If token buyer loses the dispute he or she can lodge an appeal.
  5. The appeal can be lodged within 24 hours after the decision is made.
  6. It takes not more than 24 hours to take a decision for the appeal.